Construction, Real Estate And Retail

Dieloiche has one of the largest and most experienced construction, real estate and retail industry teams in South Africa. This team has unparalleled real estate transaction expertise and is proactive in bringing opportunities to clients that impact their bottom line.


Developers, contactors, designers, and owners are looking for tailored and attentive service, robust technical skill, and uncompromising integrity. In a sector with ever-changing regulatory standards and a maze of job-site relationships to navigate, it’s critical to line up with an organization that understands the finance, technology, risk management and accounting intricacies that maximize profitability and help to stretch the RAND further.

Directors and stakeholders in the construction world need to be sure their associates can co-navigate the world of take-offs, estimates, and buildouts, and appreciates how cash-flow tight their projects are. It is this accountability and obligation to ensuring construction organizations get what they pay for that distinguishes a true partner.

  • Government tax incentives
  • Risk assessments
  • Cost segregation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Leveraging technology to drive the estimating and bid process forward
  • Accurate forecasting and sub-contractors
  • Business Forecasting and Analysis
  • Working Capital Management
  • Pulse on the economy / scenario planning
  • Perform Internal audits, internal controls reviews, IT audits, and regulatory compliance reviews

How We Help


Organizations need a business partner they can lean on throughout a project’s lifecycle to foster trust in their financial statements.

Contract Compliance Audit Services

Helping organizations to ensure quality, affordability, transparency, compliance and feel confident in their third-party’s commitment to delivering on what is contractually agreed upon.

Data Analytics

Through data visualization, we’ll enhance reporting processes, customer communication experiences, and enable your business to make better data-driven decisions.


Understanding the intricacies that maximize profitability and help to stretch the rand further while maintaining directness and transparency.

Technology Advisory

Leveraging technology to maximize organizational security, drive the estimating and bid process forward, and thrive in a more tech-forward workplace.

Construction Risk Management Consultancy

Risk management consultancy is an integral part of the client-focused service provided to construction industry clients.


Real estate taxes and risks can be the largest operating expenses for a property owner or lessee. Real estate firms face a myriad of complex contests and risks to their investment. Facing economic uncertainty, combined with regulatory and legislative changes, real estate firms must navigate a difficult environment to profit. Do you have a tax and risk strategies that are protecting your investment? Dieloiche specialist team helps real estate investors to manage their taxes and risks across both the residential and commercial property sectors.

We serve
  • Real Estate Lessors
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Property Management Companies
Our areas of expertise
  • Contract Compliance Audit Services
  • Construction Audits
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Risk Advisory Services
  • Environmental liabilities
  • Business Valuation Advisory
  • Business Forecasting and Analysis
  • Litigation Support, Dispute Resolution & Forensic Accounting
  • Corporate Tax Services
  • Banking and Cash Management
  • International Tax Counselling & Compliance
  • Business Performance Management Services


Retailers have constantly had to evolve to survive. The industry faces major structural change over the next ten years, plus disruptive technology, online migration and new consumer demands for experience-led retailing. Future survival and success may be subject to retailers embracing these changes and managing the strategic and operational risks they create throughout the value chain.

Our unique approach consists of the regular review and evaluation of risks around the following categories:

  • Assets, logistics and income
  • Financial, digital and contract
  • People and culture
  • Analytics
  • Service


Get in touch with Dieloiche friendly advisors and let us know what we can do to assist.

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