Finance And Economic Analysis

Dieloiche is home to one of the country’s leading economic and financial consulting practices, helping clients understand today’s economic, financial and regulatory opportunities and challenges.

We provide evidence-based critical insight and analysis on a range of business and public policy issues, supporting the public and private sector, regulators, non-profit companies and international agencies with their strategic decision-making.

With our connected South African and global network of expert and experienced finance and economic analysis professionals, we tailor analysis to specific infrastructure assets, organisational performance, local economic benefits and regional and national government initiatives.

Asking and answering the right questions

We help clients ask tough questions:

  • Does a project align with public policy goals?
  • Does it deliver meaningful social and economic benefits?
  • Is the project financially and commercially feasible?
  • Will it be affordable in the long term?
  • Can we make it resilient to future policy and market shifts?
  • What’s the best commercial delivery structure or procurement model?

Dieloiche supports clients by developing compelling business cases in order to make infrastructure investment that is far-sighted, viable and backed by detailed financial and economic analysis. On larger-scale projects and programmes, our finance and economics teams can research and evaluate the wider economic value of a proposition and assess its viability within existing and future regulatory and policy frameworks. We support our private and public-sector clients to determine whether policy, regulation and business models are fit for purpose in a dynamic, complex setting subject to a world of high-tech change.

Key services


Our market knowledge and deep understanding of evolving regulatory issues means we can help clients to craft the right strategies. We draw on extensive market and policy know-how from our sector experts and specialists to deliver joined-up, evidence-based advice to our clients.


We define viable and compelling investment cases, establishing financial feasibility given local opportunities and constraints. We can structure the financial elements of the project at hand helping to raise capital and secure debt as well as building robust financial models to analyse the underlying potential value of the projects.


Dieloiche  can evaluate the overall technical and economic viability of nearly any project. For new resources and distribution systems, we evaluate capital and O&M cost estimates, operating characteristics and assess the availability and price of fuels and electric transmission capacity. We also assess environmental impacts and regulatory constraints to development. Finally, we assess alternative ownership structures and provide full pro-forma financial statement projections of long-term plant economic performance.


Many of our clients require analysis to determine the level of efficiency or cost-effectiveness of various programs, plans, or resources.  Dielocihe provides benefit-cost analysis for a variety of applications.


We develop procurement strategies from tender stage to contract award, ranging from long term multi-billion programmes to one-off major projects or investments. Our highly skilled team are commercial and supply chain management experts, with experience of strategy development , public/private procurement regulations, tender management and post contract performance management. We draw on Dieloiche’s wide cross-sector knowledge to form new approaches to procurement and supply chain management, once well-suited to clients evolving needs.


We provide technical, commercial and market reviews of assets clients are looking to buy, technical and commercial advice and assurance to lenders who are considering supporting a project or funding an asset purchase.


Our Services include:

  • Forensic investigations
  • Expert opinions on valuations, accounting and professional negligence
  • Financial and Enterprise Data Analytics
  • Advice and analysis relating to competition issues and market abuse
  • Advisory services on quantum and consequential loss
  • Economic consultancy and statistical analysis to support dispute resolution


Our data science experts apply a number of statistical approaches and methods, including machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and data visualization.

Focus Areas

  • Predictive Analytics & Optimization
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Visualization, Real-Time Analyses & Interactive Platforms
  • Econometric Modelling
  • Statistical Sampling
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